New Ford Fusion and Powerful Smart Features

The new Ford Fusion is getting increased attention this year due in part to the smart features throughout. Here are some of the top smart features in this midsize sedan.

If you are driving your new Ford Fusion on the highway, the radar is scanning around your vehicle to avoid a collision. If a car begins to move too close to your blind spots, your side mirrors flash so you don't change lanes. The Blind Spot Information System will continue monitoring until clear, when the lights stop flashing. 

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Ford F-150: Power and Technology

When you have a Ford F-150, you have a full-size pickup truck that means business. Offering a wide selection of the latest technology features, Ford F-150 equips you to get the job done quickly and intelligently.

With the new one-stop app called FordPass, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. This dynamic app lets you find parking space before you arrive, find the best gas prices on your route, access vital vehicle data, schedule maintenance, and more. 


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Tow With Confidence in the 2018 Ford Expedition

The new Ford Expedition was designed to make towing as easy and stress-free as possible no matter what the terrain is like. In addition to its heavy-duty engine, this full-size SUV also houses a variety of safety features that are going to protect you and your passengers.

From behind the steering wheel, you are going to have a 360-degree view of everything around you with four exterior cameras that can be controlled with the touchscreen display. When it comes time to park, the patented Pro Trailer Backup Assist will guide you into tight spots with multiple sensors and cameras. 

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Are Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles of High Quality?

The Ford Certified Pre-Owned program is a popular way to buy a high-quality car because it comes with many benefits. Two of these benefits are a 172-point inspection and limited warranty coverage.

Every Ford automobile undergoes a 172-point inspection before being added to the Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles program to ensure it's of high quality. Examples of areas that are inspected include hoses, linings, the ignition system, cooling fans, and the battery. The exterior is also inspected for damage whether from natural disasters or accidents. 

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Find the Right Ford Focus Electric for You

At West Herr Ford Hamburg, we believe that there are many advantages to driving an electric car around the city. The new 2018 Ford Focus Electric is packed with features that will get you far on a single charge while making driving a fun and exciting experience.

With a easy to use SmartGauge with EcoGuide instrumentation, you'll get real-time feedback on how your battery is doing and ways that you can increase the efficiency of your vehicle. 

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2018 Transit Connect: Big Power in a Stylish Package

Whether you have a growing family or thriving business, the new Transit Connect might be the cargo van that you have been looking for. Ford has filled this vehicle with dozens of amazing features that have boosted its cargo capacity, max payload, and tow rating.

The 2.5L iVCT engine produces up to 169 horsepower, and that gives you a 2,000-lb. maximum tow rating. You can also fill the cabin to the brim with folding passenger seats and a modular storage system. The maximum payload rating for the 2018 Transit Connect is just over 1,450 lbs. with the…

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Next Level Convenience in the Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric benefits from the styling, handling, and functional utility of the standard Ford Focus from which it is based. However, the biggest advantages of the Ford Focus Electric are in the industry-leading technology that it incorporates seamlessly. Ford implements new technology into features aimed at making life with a Focus Electric comfortable and worry-free.

As charging status can be a big worry for most EV owners, Ford uses low-energy LED lighting to incorporate a state of charge status bar adjacent to the charge port. 

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Which Truck Bed Liner is Best: Permanent or Removable?

So you have just purchased your new truck and want to start using it to haul important items in the truck bed, but don’t want it to become scratched or damaged. The best way to keep your truck bed safe from scuffs and scratches is to purchase a truck bed liner. Below are two great options to consider:

  • Bed Mat - A truck bed mat is an economical choice and is a usually made from rubber and can be easily installed or removed. This type of bed liner helps protect the metal bed of your truck and also helps prevent…
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Performance Features That are Offered for the 2018 Ford Expedition

If you are in the market for a new full-size SUV, you should test drive the Ford Expedition. Not only does the new model come well-equipped with safety, interior, and exterior features, it also offers numerous performance features that make it a superior choice when it comes to full-size SUVs. We have summarized a few performance features that are included with the new model below.

The 2018 Expedition comes with a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission that includes a tow/haul performance setting. 

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How Does the 2018 Ford Fusion Compare to the 2018 Hyundai Elantra

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, whether you’re looking for a sedan like the 2018 Ford Fusion or another kind of car, it is important to know what makes that specific model stand out from the competition. After all, you want to get the most complementary option available to you.

With this video you can see the clear differences between the 2018 Ford Fusion and the 2018 Hyundai Elantra.

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