Part of the reason that the Ford Escape is such a popular compact SUV is the included amenities. There are many features that were added to provide an additional layer of convenience and comfort.

Opt for a model with the available Vista Roof so that you and your passengers can glance up at the sky. The panoramic front panel opens fully or tilts up, and the fixed rear skylight allows natural sunlight inside. Driving with cold hands is a bother, which is why Ford offers an available heated steering wheel. Plus, the steering wheel's ergonomic design lets you comfortably control the car, no matter whether you're heading to the grocery store or on a long road trip.

Since a picture is a worth a thousand words, we at West Herr Ford of Hamburg invite you to see the Escape in person and take it for a test drive. See the mentioned amenities, as well as many other helpful features that improve your driving experience.



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