Innovative Safety Technology in the Ford Flex

The 2019 Ford Flex is equipped with advanced technology that makes you more aware of the surroundings. When you navigate heavy traffic, you'll have some guidance from several active safety features that are standard or optional in this full-size SUV.

The car's signature Adaptive Cruise Control is engineered to automatically shut off and restart in sync with the flow of traffic. If other vehicles suddenly slow down ahead, this cruise control system will issue warnings in the dashboard. The brakes will be engaged if you don't apply enough pressure on the braking pedal.

Parking the 2019 Flex should be a breeze when the Active Park Assist technology comes on. West Herr Ford Hamburg will explain that this system uses ultrasonic sensors to measure the distance between the bumpers and the curb or other obstacles in proximity. The all-new Backup Assist Grid is also integrated into the updated rear view camera system.



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