Ford Co-Pilot360: Keeping Drivers Safe

Ford Co-Pilot360 is one of the most comprehensive suites of driver-assist technologies available, period. The suite is scheduled to be standard on all new Ford models by late 2019, which is good news to us at West Herr Ford Hamburg. Here are two technologies from the suite that get us particularly excited.

The Lane Keeping System helps you stay in your lane in three effective ways. One way uses a forward-facing camera that monitors driving patterns, delivering visual and audio warnings if you stray from your trajectory. The other two technologies include steering wheel vibration and steering torque. The former indicates that you're drifting toward lane markings, whereas the latter helps steer you back toward the center of your lane.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) entails a radar that detects vehicles veering into your blind spot while you're on the road. BLIS helps you merge and change lanes in a more timely, careful manner. The BLIS radar also detects cars and pedestrians who cross behind you as you're backing out of a parking space.



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