Active Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering in Your New Ford Mustang

The all-new Ford Mustang isn't just popular performance car because it looks incredible, it sounds better than you may think too.

One reason many sports car enthusiasts are excited this year about the new Ford Mustang is due in part to the fully active performance exhaust in this vehicle. It doesn't just howl when you are flying down the road, you have the ability to adjust the sound of the exhaust to your mood.

Once inside the new Ford Mustang, simply click the switch on the console and you can go from a soft rumble to a screaming howl, and anywhere in between. Change the sound of the exhaust based on your mood or whether you are trying to impress another driver or sneak out of the neighborhood quietly too.

Want to hear how loud this new Ford Mustang can go? Visit West Herr Ford Hamburg and get behind the wheel when you take one out for a test drive.



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