Ford Mustang - Great Design Features

Being on display is a great thing. It brings more attention in the right type of environments. The new Ford Mustang does just that. There are many design features that bring the wanted attention that you deserve and need at the car meets for prestige and respect.

If you decide to get the EcoBoost® Premium or the GT Premium package, there is an optional all-digital LCD cluster on a 12-inch screen showing all the performances of your vehicle. Gauge the speed and performance features of Normal, Sport, and Track with customizations, with the MyColor system that will change the display hues to match your mood. The smoking-hot looks would not be complete without a classic drop top that connects you with the great outdoors.

If you need to schedule a test drive, come in to the West Herr Ford Hamburg dealership today and we will set up one. Can't wait to see you!



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