Which Truck Bed Liner is Best: Permanent or Removable?

So you have just purchased your new truck and want to start using it to haul important items in the truck bed, but don’t want it to become scratched or damaged. The best way to keep your truck bed safe from scuffs and scratches is to purchase a truck bed liner. Below are two great options to consider:

  • Bed Mat - A truck bed mat is an economical choice and is a usually made from rubber and can be easily installed or removed. This type of bed liner helps protect the metal bed of your truck and also helps prevent items from sliding around.
  • Spray-On - A spray-on bed liner is a little more expensive but is a permanent liner that is sprayed directly onto the truck bed so you do not have to worry about debris or chemicals getting under the liner and damaging the truck bed.

Still have questions about what type of bed liner you should purchase? Come visit our Hamburg service center and speak with one of our experts today.

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