Safety Tips to Avoid a Tire Blowout

By identifying issues with the tires on your car, you could potentially stop a tire blowout from occurring. The tire blowout at high speeds can result in serious damage to the car, so take these tips serious.

Use your tire gauge only when the car has cooled down to get a more accurate reading. If the pressure is too high or low, make sure to get the number within the recommended range to keep the tires safe.

Look at the treads on the tire for anything out of the ordinary. Uneven tread wear or something stuck in the tire could lead to the blowout. If you see any cracks on the tire walls, it might be either a defective tire or a sign the tire could fail at any moment.

Bring your vehicle to the tire shop at West Herr Ford Hamburg at the first sign of tire trouble so we can take care of any issues.

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