Next Level Convenience in the Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric benefits from the styling, handling, and functional utility of the standard Ford Focus from which it is based. However, the biggest advantages of the Ford Focus Electric are in the industry-leading technology that it incorporates seamlessly. Ford implements new technology into features aimed at making life with a Focus Electric comfortable and worry-free.

As charging status can be a big worry for most EV owners, Ford uses low-energy LED lighting to incorporate a state of charge status bar adjacent to the charge port. This allows for a visual confirmation of charging progress in a quick glance. Unlike some EVs that require checking from inside the vehicle or through a complicated phone app, the Ford Electric status bar can be read with a glance out the kitchen window.

When the Focus Electric is all charged up and ready to go, drivers are met with inviting exterior approach lights and interior ambient lighting. This seemingly simple feature adds a great deal of convenience and adds to the premium vehicle experience provided by the Focus. The feature uses the RFID chip in your keys to sense when the owner is approaching the vehicle. This is especially useful at night or in darkened parking decks.

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